Your Time. Your Taxi.

About Flat Cab

The way you ride is the way your day goes – and we make sure it’s everything you expect.

A relatively young company in the streets of Portland, Flat Cab prides on already counting numerous returning clients who trust us with our services. Nothing makes us happier than having our clients happy which is why we make customer satisfaction our primary motto.

Flat Cab is a business of professionals with years of experience on the roads of Portland and outside of it who’ve decided they wanted to be a part of the company that’s more of a family than a business. We work together, hang out outside of work and have the utmost respect and appreciation for one another. If something’s not right, we call each other on it.

Everything we do, we do it with the best intentions and to make sure our clients, as well as our staff, are entirely comfortable with the options they are presented with. Once a week, we gather to discuss changes, upgrades and customer suggestions to make Flat Cab everything our clientele is looking to get in taxicab service.

Flat Cab prides on a very professional business structure that keeps things grounded but, at the same time, leaves enough flexibility out in the open for our customers to enjoy. Being taxi consumers ourselves, we are set to grow a company that’s realistic in its approach to customer expectations, understands what the customers need and goes above and beyond to make it happen.

Nothing beats having a taxicab wait for you only a few minutes after you’ve made the call, right? We promise to be there for you whenever you need it, no matter where you are going – and at absolutely great rates!

Portland airport pick up:
$7.00 base fare and $2.00 per mile.
The city of Portland pick up:
$1.50 base fare and $2.00 per mile.
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