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Become Flat Cab Driver

    Reap in the benefits of becoming a driver in Portland’s most respected taxicab company. Flat Cab Transport is giving its employees excellent benefits that put them in the driving seat (both literally and metaphorically) of their decisions, their time and engagements. When you join Flat Cab team, you are in for flexible hours, great pay and fantastic teamwork.

    What Flat Cab Transport Taxi in the Vicinity Expects from You

    Flat Cab has a long line of loyal customers whose input, suggestions and requests are taken very seriously – whether they’re concerns about taxi drivers, vehicles or the type of service Flat Cab offers. Everything that’s heard from them, Flat Cab tries to implement in operative methods with the purpose of making their taxi rides nearby as pleasant as possible.

    Flat Cab puts the reputation on the line with every new hire. Still, Flat Cab team is always open for new teammates who’ll work towards the same goal – absolute customer satisfaction. Current taxicab drivers are phenomenal communicators, emotionally intelligent people who know how to treat the customers, so they come back.

    Flat Cab Transportation’s Ideal Candidate & Requirements

    The ideal candidate for Flat Cab team is a hardworking, professional, polite and self-motivated individual with a clean appearance and a great set of communication skills. A bonus is if you are interested in challenging yourself to become even better at what you do as well as keeping up with taxicab-related tech advancements.