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Tight schedules, impossible deadlines, client meetings and one too many locations to go to in a day sounds just about right for everyone who’s running a business or is in any way a part of the corporate craze. With all that’s already going on, do you really need another thing on your mind like the state of your car, parking, and impossible traffic jams? Of course not! Do everything in your power to make things easier for yourself – make booking a corporate taxi close to your area a regular thing with Flat Cab Transportation, because it’s a taxicab company that’ll never fail you.

Reliable Companion on the Road

Flat Cab is the type of “taxi service near my location” you want to have as your first taxicab option. Flat Cab Transportation’s corporate cabs are carefully selected with a busy, modern professional in mind. They are spacious and comfortable, allowing you to take some time to rest before reaching your destination or go through last-minute details of your meeting. No matter where in Portland, Oregon you need to go – Flat Cab will oblige.

Flat Cab knows that time is money for successful businesspeople, and that’s why this team offers the most efficient transportation services at the best rates that will never break the bank. Whenever you’re in need of airport transportation near your area or a simple corporate point to point taxi service that will help you arrive at your meetings and conferences on time, choose Flat Cab as your reliable taxi company in the vicinity.

Corporate Transport - Experience That Goes on For Years

Experience That Goes on For Years

Experience on the roads of Portland and surrounding areas along with extensive training on how to avoid traffic jams means a lot when you want the best taxicab service closeby. Flat Cab professional cab drivers are always at your service, no matter how long or short the ride you are taking is. Furthermore, they are fully licensed, and their backgrounds double-checked: with Flat Cab Transportation, you are secure.

You’ll enjoy riding in Flat Cab’s perfectly maintained vehicles, too! Just choose a service that fits your schedule the best, and give us a call.

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Flat Cab Transportation is available 24/7, so whenever you need a “taxicab service Portland” just do a simple voice search and hit us up. You can book Flat Cab services through the website or by giving a call to the always friendly dispatch center. With Flat Cab Transportation Portland, you can always count on the most professional and most expedient ride in the area.

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