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Flat Cab – Medical Transport

When it comes to riding in cars other than your own, it goes without saying that you should enjoy the benefits of the most convenient, comfortable and easy-to-book taxicab company in town. Flat Cab is grateful that we can offer non emergency medical transportation and wheelchair transportation to our patrons in need of more than a regular cab ride.

Not being able to find a vehicle that can accommodate to your disability should at no point be the reason you can’t go on about your day. Flat Cab team makes sure your health transportation meets your specific needs. Our vehicles accommodate standard and power wheelchairs in Portland, and our staff has gone through extensive training allowing them to help you if needed. To get the best wheelchair taxi service near my location, contact our dispatch team and book your ride.

Wheelchair Transportation Portland

Flat Cab is Portland’s most service-diverse and convenient taxicab – whether you need to take a trip to your friend’s house, the doctor’s office, make a family visit, go shopping, get to the airport or anything else in between, you know who’ll be there to take you places. Just choose a destination, pickup, and drop-off points and take pleasure in being driven by the most skilled taxicab drivers in Portland. The Flat Cab medical van cost is wallet-friendly, and our wheelchair transportation service is top notch.

Portland Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

When you look for “medical transportation services near me,” choices come down to one: Flat Cab non emergency medical transportation. Flat is the most comfortable, ADA-compliant taxi service near me there is. The vehicles are designed for standard-sized power wheelchairs as well as standard-sized scooters.

You can trust our drivers to drive carefully and help you exit the vehicle without any difficulties. With Flat Cab, you are in safe hands.

Next time you are in need of a reliable medical transportation service in Portland, Oregon and surrounding area contact Flat Cab and make use of the service offer our team’s designed for your needs specifically.

Flat Cab Transportation Portland