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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Portland, Oregon

Now that you’ve got your transportation taken care of, it’s time to talk about all those amazing things you can see and do in Portland and areas nearby.

1. Discover Portland’s Fantastic Nature

What’s the first thing that stands out when you’re looking at Portland’s map? That’s right – it’s the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. As you can imagine, being so close to water makes this city rich with lush plants, amazing green parks, pathways, water activities, etc. The most famous destination is Washington Park that offers not only the beauty of Portland’s nature but also numerous museums, zoos, memorials, etc.

If you’re looking for some attractive gardens where you can take the best Instagram photos and enjoy the amazing smells of flowers and trees, you’ll be glad to know that you can enjoy International Rose Test Garden. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see thousands of roses in a variety of colors. 

As expected, finding a free parking spot near and around these parks and gardens is almost impossible. “What do I do then?” is a question that should stay in the past now that you know that Flat Cab Transportation will efficiently take you there and to many other mesmerizing locations in and around Portland.

2. Are You a Foodie? Enjoy Tasty Meals on Every Portland’s Corner

Whether you’re looking for regional restaurants that are run by local families, or you prefer food carts for fast, on-the-go eating, the city of Portland has it all. In this fun and exciting town, you’ll be able to find food for everyone’s taste. From soups to donuts – you’ll find tasty dishes that you’ll enjoy no matter where in Portland you are during lunch time.

Portland has got you covered for both healthy and less healthy food options so you can enjoy your stay with all senses. And after eating a bit too much of this delicious food and maybe even drinking one too many glasses of the popular Portland beer, Flat Cab Transportation will take care of your ride and get you safely to the hotel or the apartment you’re staying in. Count on the best taxi ride near your area whether you need to get to or from a restaurant and forget about the traffic.

3. Tax-Free Shopping for All Fashionistas

Tasty Meals - Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Being an artistic city, Portland is also home to many incredibly talented fashion designers that combine and mix many different styles and offer super trendy and fashionable choices. If you want to save some money, the best places to go shopping are the shops where they offer tax-free prices. When you’re unsure about finding those stores, you should know that Flat Cab drivers will gladly help you and inform you. They are professionals that are always informed by the latest news, and they will give you advice and drive you to the best places. 

Also, when you go shopping, you’ll need a reliable taxi vehicle who will be there on your beck and call to help you with bags and drive you to different shops that could be miles apart. Are you in search of a “taxicab near me” that can be booked on an hourly basis? Count on Flat Cab to be there, with friendly drivers that will help you with all those bags full of fashionable clothes.

4. Don’t Miss the Saturday Farmers’ Market’s Unique Atmosphere

If you happen to visit Portland during the weekend, you should make sure to find the closest farmers’ market and discover everything it has to offer. With a variety of choice, from DIY souvenirs to home-made, local food, you’ll spend hours and hours enjoying every aspect and welcoming attitude of Portland citizens.

Even though Portland Farmers’ Market at Portland State University is the most popular and visited one, with over a hundred vendors, other markets in the area are worthy of your attention as well. And you can choose Flat Cab Transportation as your reliable taxi company nearby to take you to every one of them, whether you’re interested in visiting 

  • The Hollywood Farmer’s Market 
  • The People’s Farmers’ Market 
  • The Hillsdale Farmers’ Market

5. Unleash Your Inner Artist in Alberta Arts District

Once a month, Alberta Street becomes like a big gallery full of amazingly talented artists. If you attend this monthly fair, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many fantastic musicians and their concerts, comedy nights, as well as many art workshops that allow you to feel like a real artist and show your skills in the DIY artistic projects.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose the city of Portland as your vacation destination, or even a romantic weekend getaway. Being a city rich with culture, art, fine dining, and exciting outdoor activities, Portland is a place that leaves everyone breathless and always in a good mood. In case you want to visit as much as possible in a day or two, the best choice would be to put your trust in Flat Cab’s amazing taxi services at always affordable rates. Even if you land at Portland International Airport and need a reliable airport ride close to you, count on Flat Cab’s drivers to take care of the transport to the hotel or any other destination your heart desires. Book your “taxi ride near Portland” and enjoy Portland’s beauty with Flat Cab Transportation by your side.